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Mobe3 Live is a breakthrough in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), as the world’s first app to use Apple Indoor Maps in an enterprise environment.

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    January 2022 - April 2022

Project Overview


mobe3 Live is a breakthrough in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) functioning as the world’s first application to use Apple Indoor Maps in an enterprise environment. The technology allows precise tracking of employee and asset positioning without the need for equipment installation. For this project, OnePlusOne worked to ensure that the app is not only user-friendly, but fully compliant with Apple Human Interface guidelines.

OnePlusOne was selected among several other design studios and specialists to create the final UX/UI designs for mobe3 Live prior to production.


The existing app designs were unrefined and unfit for release due to counterintuitive designs that made it difficult to navigate. UX standards for user behavior patterns were not adhered to, inhibiting accessibility and key functionalities.


We performed an initial analysis of the application, identified problems, and created new UX/UI designs that took the user pain points and heuristics into consideration. We suggested several important updates for expanding functionality, and updated the app’s visual style, layout, and design.

User Experience

One of the key areas of focus for our team was improving the overall user experience of the app by understanding how it is used and evaluating the current limitations impacting usability. This helped us determine the need for new and updated functionalities and developing the information architecture.

Our Process


Most of our projects begin with stakeholder interviews, and mobe3 Live was no exception. This essential part of our work process provides valuable insight into the needs and expectations of both our clients and the end users.


We gathered information about the product’s target audience, stakeholders’ goals, and user needs.

User Problems

We identified key issues and specific pain points that presented opportunities for improvement.

User Solutions

We defined priorities for the project, ensuring balance between user needs and business goals.

Identifying User Personas


User Personas represent target users for the product that we were able to determine through interviews, research, and audits of user data. Our UX designers can then make informed design decisions and create compelling, user-friendly products tailored to the needs of specific user groups.

Persona 1

Requires a system that simplifies inventory management, the movement of goods, order tracking, and shipping, all while optimizing the utilization of space on the warehouse floor. These users need the ability to track events in the warehouse and receive system notifications in case of disruptions or emergencies.

Persona 2

Expects a simple and intuitive interface for executing product operations such as barcode scanning, order executions, and packing, as well as quick access to information on the location of goods throughout the warehouse.

Information Architecture


This crucial step of building out the information architecture acts as a basis that grants us a precise understanding of how users will interact with the product, and steps we can take to improve overall user experience.

Creating Wireframes and Connections

We design the interaction schemes for all pages and interface elements of the product. Our process involves presenting and refining product mockups during client review, and adjusting according to client feedback and our knowledge of best practices.


Connected Wireframes

User Interface

We establish the initial visual direction with mood boards and design inspiration. Our main objective is to create a UI that aligns with Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

For this project we prioritized making the app look clean and intuitive, which was in line with the preferred direction of the client.

iOS-Based Design System


When working on a project’s UI design, we always start with a design system-the collection of reusable design components such as color schemes, typography, icons, graphics, and rules for using these components.The approach of establishing a design system first, significantly speeds up the development process and reduces costs by allowing brand components to be standardized and readily used.

Project Conclusions

Our UX/UI design for the mobe3 Live application greatly improved the user experience, accessibility, and functionality of the app.

The upgraded look and feel was on par with the Apple references provided by the client, and the app was prepared and finalized for on-time release.
The mobe3 Live functionality was expanded based on our recommendations, which improved the user experience with features that included:
  • New heatmap functionality that allowed for both real-time and historical views.
  • Global search tab for users to find what they are looking for in the warehouse through a few taps.
  • Notification systems were added, making sure that no events go unnoticed.
  • The historical view player was reworked, and new controls were added making it as easy as possible to navigate.


Since the launch, both users and the client have reported their appreciation of the unprecedented visibility and ease of use the new app offers.

The improvements were translated directly through client KPIs and ROIs. As an example, mobe3 Live allowed users to respond 8 seconds faster to production line issues, which in turn saved the company $2,000,000 annually in revenue loss.

Our collaboration with EVS LLC didn't end here. After the successful app launch, we continued  our relationship by working on the UX/UI revamp of their WMS product, and then signed on as a partner to create marketing materials for the company.



Client Review

Scott Kameron, CEO of EVS LLC

On time, on budget and quality of work was excellent. Best experience yet with anyone.

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