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“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”

- Jeff Bezos


Properly built branding is the key to success. It is important to understand that branding is much more than just a name and logo - branding is about creating a relationship between a company and a consumer. It is the creation of an emotional connection and association.


Quality branding is usually done for decades.


We create branding both in complex and separate elements.


  • Logo and visual identity
  • Style guide
  • Corporate identity
  • Digital Advertising Graphics
  • Presentation Templates
Technical Support

And now your  website handed thru all of the improvement levels and is to be had at the Internet now. Congratulations, which means that you made step one to a a success business. Web improvement as every other sphere is dynamically growing nowadays. To make certain that your web page meets all modern requirements and brings you leads and income consistently, it have to be supported and advanced at the each day basis. Technical assist is an essential level of the improvement method that lasts so long as the internet site exists.


What occurs at this level?


Preserving your site updated;

Solving the troubles and stopping it from getting hacked;

Expert recommendation at any time.

Thus, when you have any questions on your internet site overall performance, you may constantly attain out to folks who will clear up the trouble in a expert way. For example, your web website hosting can not take care of the variety of merchandise and site visitors at the internet site and you make a decision to alternate the provider. If you've got got technical assist, you don’t ought to trouble seeking out a assisting hand to switch your aid to the brand new net host. Another trouble that technical renovation solves is preserving the site up to date. Not constantly the secretary liable for the internet site can do this. Yes, he or she can be able to make certain that the web page constantly has updated information, however this doesn't assure that the aid won’t come to be out of date from the technical factor of view. Sooner or later, you’ll ought to attain out to technical experts to get it lower back to lifestyles anyways. But this time you may want loads greater assets in an effort to do it. If the site is up to date on time it'll serve you for lots years.


  • Maintenance and monitoring
  • Installing and configuring software
  • Testing and evaluating new technologies
  • Troubleshooting technical issues
User Experience

User experience refers to the experience that customers have when using a product, application, system or service. This is a broad time frame that can cover everything from how well a user can navigate a product, how easy it is to use, how applicable the displayed content is, and so on.


What is user experience?


User experience (UX) is the holistic journey that customers go through when using a product. Not only does this include their direct interaction with the product, but how it fits into their overall process to achieve the goal. Every touch point between buyer and employer is included in the overall user experience.


  • UX Audit
  • Research
  • Prototyping
Front End

The a part of a site that the user interacts with directly is called the the front end. It is likewise known as the ‘customer side’ of the application. It consists of the whole thing that users experience directly: textual content colorations and styles, images, graphs and tables, buttons, colorations, and a navigation menu. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the languages used for Front End development. The structure, design, behavior, and content material of the whole thing visible on browser displays whilst websites, net applications, or cellular apps are opened up, is applied with the aid of using Front End developers.


  • HTML 4/5
  • Javascript ES5/ES6
  • Vue JS/React
  • GSAP for Animations

The backend is the server side of the site. It stores and organizes data, and also confirms that everything is working fine on the client side of the site. This is the part of the site that you cannot see or interact with. This is a piece of software that has no direct contact with users. Components and traits developed by backend developers are not directly accessible through the client application.


  • Wordpress
  • Laravel
  • Shopify
Motion Design

As virtual technologies continue to improve global graphic design, motion design is becoming an increasingly important competency. Basically, motion design is a field in which graphic design ideas are applied to film and video production using animation and visual effects. Examples include movies, videos, live text, and web animations and apps.


  • Web animation
  • Json animation
  • 2d animation
Mobile Applications

Creation of unique mobile applications, any kind of complexity, from a simple minimalist application with a simple design, to an incredible and amazing scale application with its capabilities.


We have a comprehensive approach to creating an application or application design, it is important for us that the client is 100% satisfied with the finished product.


  • iOS apps
  • Android apps
  • Hybrid apps
  • Web apps
Digital Marketing

​​"Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone." 

Digital marketing is one of the most important elements of running a successful business.


We create marketing as a complex, starting with a marketing strategy with an analysis of the market, niche, competitors, ending with the creation of promotional materials for your advertising.


It is very important for us that your consumer is satisfied when faced with your advertising. We work with Hunt's Ladder, Behavioral Patterns, Emotional Triggers and Neuromarketing.


It is important for us to make the best result for you.


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
User Interface

The user interface is the way users interact with a computer, website, or application. The goal of a powerful user interface is to make the user experience smooth and intuitive, while requiring the least amount of effort from the user component to produce the most desirable result.

The user interface is created at levels of interaction that affect the human senses (sight, touch, hearing, and more).


  • Design Systems
  • Illustrations
  • Icon Sets
3D Modeling

3D modeling is a computer graphics technique for creating a virtual 3D illustration of any object or surface.


The artist uses a unique program to manipulate factors in virtual space (known as vertices) to form a mesh: a set of vertices that form an element.

These 3D objects can be generated by a robot or created manually by mesh deformation or, in any other case, vertex manipulation.

3D models are used for a range of mediums including video games, films, architecture, illustration, engineering, and industrial advertising.

The 3D modeling system creates a virtual object that can be fully animated, making it an essential system for custom animation and creating unique effects for websites.


Models are often exported to other software for use in video games, movies, or WOW websites. But some 3D modeling packages allow you to enter 2D photos using a system known as 3D rendering. This method is great for creating hypersensitive scenes using the most advanced lighting algorithms.


  • 2D Illustrations
  • 3D Illustrations
  • Character creation
  • SM sticker packs