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OnePlusOne Solutions was able to supplement EVS LLC’s marketing efforts with high-end graphic design deliverables that included 2D and 3D illustrations, animations, and advertisement collateral highlighting the mobe3 Live application and mobe3 WMS, which were products we helped build and were familiar with.

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Project Overview


During and after our collaboration with EVS LLC on the mobe3 Live and mobe3 WMS redesign projects, OnePlusOne was brought on in another area of the business to assist the EVS marketing department by producing a range of graphic design deliverables. Our creative department was quickly onboarded to the project, and as we were already familiarized with brand guidelines and art styles, we were able to get started creating new content quickly and efficiently.


The engagement was ongoing, with OnePlusOne fulfilling the need for a variety of graphic design services throughout 2022.


Digital Art

We provided custom illustrations to the client's specifications. These illustrations were designed to visually represent various elements of the client's product and were created using a combination of traditional and digital techniques.



Our deliverables for this graphic design project included 2D and 3D illustrations for use in user guides, marketing decks, advertisements, and across social media.


Accuracy was vital, and our team needed to create technically accurate depictions of the devices and processes, as well as precise illustrations of warehouse managers and workers utilizing the products and technology. Our team collaborated closely with the client to ensure that our designs of each of these elements were a faithful depiction.


Most of EVS LLC’s marketing documents rely heavily on the isometric perspective of a product which is one of our team’s specialty capabilities. Most of EVS LLC’s marketing documents rely heavily on the isometric perspective of a product which is one of our team’s specialty capabilities.


Our illustrations included various iPhone and iPad cases graded for different environments and user roles, barcode scanners, and wireless beacons. We ensured that the device illustrations were as precise as possible.


We created isometric graphics and digital prototypes of Estimotes, the rock-shaped Bluetooth beacons utilized by EVS to track high-value assets. We were able to artistically and accurately produce these graphics with their numerous facets with great success.

Motion Design

Some elements of the functionality mobe3 Live and mobe3 WMS offer were best represented with motion rather than a static image, so demonstrating them and their use cases with animation was our next step. Our team created videos that highlighted the key features and advantages of the products.



Using designs from previous phases, we were able to produce several banner ads created with the goal of appealing to the clients’ target audience.


Project Conclusions

By the end of the engagement we had created a set of illustrations, animations, isometric graphics, digital 3D prototypes, and ad banners that were used by EVS LLC’s marketing team across a number of different channels.


The deliverables closely followed the brand guidelines and desired direction for the art, while also improving the existing visual style, offering better product representation. The final result was versatile, high-end content that highlighted the unique and innovative products, and elevated the presentation of both the brand and their technology.  

Client Review

Esther Howard, Founder & Co-CEO at Aspis

I had a fantastic experience working with OnePlusOne Solutions! Their team of experts were able to guide me through the entire process of building a custom software solution for my business. They were always available to answer my questions and address my concerns, and their attention to detail was impressive. I would highly recommend OnePlusOne Solutions to anyone looking for top-notch software development services!

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