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About Project

The Product

Phantasma is a new standard for seamless and secure data sharing, management, and integration across a multitude of communication partners, connected users, and dApps.

The goal of Phantasma is to provide a new adaptable framework to fill the needs for data management from dApps. By providing a uniform, standard interface (API) with all the fundamental data access semantics applications require, Phantasma will boost the productivity of dApp developers, broaden its potential, and energize the blockchain ecosystem.

Project Overview

After we had launched the Phantasma Chain website, we received a lot of positive feedback and requests from new clients to make the same for them. It’s no surprise, the Phantasma Chain website is something to see.

  • Stunning animations, which add life to the infirmation blocks
  • Beautiful isometric graphics, all created by the Amen team
  • Unconventional info-organizing solutions
  • Comfortable site-map and menu
  • Really awesome face for the brand
Isometric Graphics
We employed many isometric graphics elements as a core feature of the project. Attractive and positive animations instantly draw the attention of the website...
Roadmap Section
In this section, we leveraged a fresh animated functionality, which enables visitors to view a comprehensive list of Phantasma’s tasks-sprints for a quartal...
Team Section
Our team racked their brains to make the team section compact and neat, yet informative and spread out. And, voila, here we invented a kind...
We took into account that the users will view the Phantasma chain website on different devices and in different contexts. As a result, our website...

Result of Work

This is one of those projects that will be stylish in 5 years.
Here we have used
1. Isometric graphics
2. Roadmap section
3. Team section 
4. Responsive mobile version
5. Light animation
6. UX copywriting
"Simple but delicious" - that's what can be said about this site.
We have created a logical structure that helps to close the sales funnel and implement all marketing tasks fully.
The site is not only effective in terms of business but also stylish and convenient.

User Interface
User Experience
Front End

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