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About Project

The Product

DeepCloud is building an AI-driven decentralized cloud computing platform for running decentralized applications—IoT and Web 3.0 dApps. 

They provide a spot market for computing and storage resources for companies and individuals to share their excess capacity on DeepCloud’s decentralized cloud, and with their AI Matching engine, pair these resources for application developers.

Applications execute in a secure sandbox on the peer-peer resources, and all transactions are managed on the blockchain via smart contracts. They also have an application marketplace for developers with pre-validated applications to speed up the development of their end to end solutions.

Project Overview

We took the triangle form as the basis for the website design because the Deepcloud AI logo is a triangle. Hence, we drew a modern triangle-based cloud, as if sparkling with the lightning of information. 

We also placed a lot of triangle-based elements on the website in the form of icons and buttons. In this project, we efficiently utilized the stylish and futuristic digital style, lightweight texture, and the stretching of the blue color.

Motion Design
The motion animation was aimed at adding the ‘wow’ effect to the website. In spite of the fact that we created it according to the client’s scenario...
Scrolling Animation
Our principal designers implemented the impulse animation going vertically throughout the main page while scrolling down...
Roadmap Section
We made a concise roadmap with good usability, compactness, and exceptional clarity. The roadmap for the Deepcloud AI is well-thought-out, structured...
Portfolio Section
The portfolio section looks crystal clear and fresh. All the key elements are arranged in a structured way and are paired with the impulse-like graphical elements...
Advantages Section
We created an unusual visualization of company advantages for a more accurate perception of information. The client provided us with the content for the website...
More and more visitors are using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to navigate websites. Our designers produced adaptive...

Result of work

"A site that should be as cool as a spaceship and as simple as possible so that even a child understands the meaning of the service" is not an easy task, but we coped with it.
Before creating the site, our designers researched and studied competitors, market segments, and the latest design trends.
We have done
1. Scrolling Animation
2. Motion Design
3. Roadmap Section
4. Advantages Section
5. Portfolio Section
6. Adaptive mobile version
7. UX\UI design

User Interface
User Experience
Front End

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