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About Project

The Product

Alita is a cloud computing network composed of social idle computing capacity - committed to building an asset-light, low-cost, high-availability computing platform. Alita builds a verifiable computing model based on TEE.

It already supports both ARM and X86 servers and edge devices and is the world's first MapReduce framework to support Android.

Project Overview

The OnePlusOne creative team has developed an elegant and sophisticated design solution for the Alita website with perfectly organized information blocks and sections. We made a rethinking of the simple geometric forms and transformed them into stylized website elements.

Alita website features:

  • Unpressing and lightweight animations
  • Delicate color scheme
  • Custom icons
  • Minimal and neat look and feel
Testnet Section
In this specific section, we implemented lightweight vector-like animation, utilized the contrast of colors, and developed custom-made icons.
Token Section
This section features an unconventional diagram, accompanied by the clear geometrical elements in the background.

Custom icons


The Alita website is optimized for mobile readability and prepared for mobile use. We designed several distinct layouts for multiple screen sizes.

The layout used will depend on the screen size of a device. The website detects the type of gadget used and delivers the pre-set layout for the corresponding type of a screen.


White and purple are the primary colors chosen to create the perfect site.

Our main task was to make it comfortable, stylish, and understandable.

After in-depth research, we created several prototypes and chose the best one.

Also, we did

1. Custom icons

2. Responsive mobile version

3. Description of each section

4. Highlighted the main theses and visualized them

User Interface
User Experience
Front End

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