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Fireside Outdoor


Fireside Outdoor


Pheonix, Arizona


User Experience, User Interface, Front-End, Back-End, Motion Design


2020, 2021

Fireside Outdoor was founded with a simple goal: to create an engineering product that allows you to light a fire in the open space safely and easily. With the help of innovative materials and a team of skilled engineers, they have created smart solutions to long-term problems. From preventing wildfires, to reducing the impact of the outbreak on the environment.

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Trailblazer is a number of quality products that are actively sold on various platforms: Amazon, Ebay, other stores and the website. This feature has increased sales.

Responding to the product, the number of customers is not less, and the level
of responsibility to them… The customer wants to change the existing site,
increasing the main sources of sales.

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What We Need

Create a modern and unique website for Trailblazer that would be different in the market and meet the new status of the product. The site should look more presentable and be as user-friendly as possible. Customer quote: site like a Tesla.

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What We Did

We redesigned the site, provided all the detailed information about the product without overloading the user, improved the functionality of the site.


To begin with, we structured the information and created mokaps to process all the necessary customer requirements for the functionality and design of the site.

The development of such a layout is very helpful to save time, because at this stage the client understands what information will be in the relevant sections that need to be changed or added.

The client was actively involved in the process of working on Mokap, with the help of Figma (where we worked on the layout) the client had the opportunity to add comments to the actual layout of his site.

Showing features

We divided the product description into several semantic blocks, added icons and videos for easy perception of information by the user.

A barbecue is not just a useful thing, it is what unites family and friends in one thing. We have enlarged the blocks with photos and videos that use the product so that the buyer can imagine himself in the warm atmosphere created by the barbecue around him.

Additionally, we visualized the options for using the product. In our opinion, it was important to show that the use of this barbecue is not limited to barbecue in the backyard and going camping.

Variability of icons will help the buyer to make a choice in favor of our product.
One of the important advantages of the product is that the design of the grill prevents coal from falling out of it, and thus the spread of fire. We highlight this information in a separate section, thus emphasizing the user's attention.

For a better perception and study of the characteristics of the product, we add a description for each element of the grill that appears when hovering over the appropriate area. With this technique, we help the user to make a complete picture of the product.

We have changed the functionality of this section in the mobile version of the site for convenience.

Mobile version

We have made the mobile version as convenient and useful for the user as possible. To do this, we had to simplify some of the sections.

We offered the client to add a section that the barbecue can be used not only in nature, at home, tailgating, parks
In the process of discussion with the client came to the conclusion that you need to make a section with related products and bundles (kits)
On the site, the grill is presented in several configurations, to make it easier for the buyer to compare and choose the appropriate option, we displayed them on one screen, which allows you to immediately decide on the choice without going to other pages.

Mega Menu

As the site became more and more like an online store, and the range of products gradually increased, there was a need to develop a mega menu. Our designers have managed to design it as convenient and easy to use. Thanks to this, the customer could easily find the product or section of the site he needed.


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