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May 2018

After we had successfully implemented a landing website project for Ankr, the company approached our team again for the development of a full-fledged multipage corporate website. Satisfied customers always return back!

Presently, the ultimate aim of the project was to strengthen the face of the Ankr brand, retain existing customers and attract new ones, and maximize the company’s revenues.

In order to highlight the technical value Ankr offers to its users and investors, we unanimously decided to focus on the high-tech minimalistic design and convenient website navigation. We gave a hundred and ten percent of our commitment to create the refined and austere finish for the Ankr website.

The product

Ankr provides a computation-resource-efficient blockchain and an integrated data feed system leveraging both cryptographic primitives and trusted hardware.


This time we developed an official corporate website for Ankr.

This project represents a logical continuation of our previous work for Ankr, where we were developing a landing for them. Presently we leveraged all our experience and creativity to inventiveness a fully-functional website with a multi-page menu.

We committed all our genuine passion for design to puzzle over the corporate style for Ankr.

Our team decided to reinvent their corporate branding identity, give a subject second thought to the branding colors, and rethink their identity concept.

Motion Design

To create an unobtrusive premium motion animation, we took an Ankr logo for the direct inspiration. Their logo sparks a thought of sharpened edges, meaningful geometry, customer-centricity, and numerous possibilities.

As follows, we developed a visual effect of the constant moving of the geometrical planes, which appears to be a kind of smooth and elegant technological meditation.

Isometric Graphics

Sophisticated graphical components form an integral part of any website design.

We created from scratch eye-catchy informational and navigational elements, that draw the users’ attention in the right direction and help them manipulate the website information.


Roadmap Section

The well-thought-out roadmap section enables a quick glance into Ankr main milestones and objectives. The roadmap is complemented with left-right navigation buttons, provides a very clear overview of the company information, and looks crystal-clear.

Custom Icons

We customly designed all the icons for Ankr corporate website, which look as if deep-frost in ice, properly reflect the website information, and fit with the general elegant style of the project.


With the rise of mobiles, the Ankr website needs to adapt to literally every screen size. Consequently, we strived that the website properly detects the screen size and loads the appropriate layout for it.


Next Project:


Discover or Create Apps Using Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies

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